These are the changes you need to make on your site to support this plugin.


If anything, this plugin will need a fully qualified HTTPS address, so set the url option accordingly:

url: ""

Check the rest of the documentation for other options.


Add the Activity alternate link to your <head>. This will allow other instances to find the Activity when people searchs your site using the HTML version.

The Actor will be added to your home page too.

  {% if page.activity %}
    <link href="{{ page.activity.url | absolute_url }}" rel="alternate" type="application/activity+json" />
  {% endif %}

Also, add the profile:username, so other instances can find the site’s profile.

  <meta property="profile:username" content="{{ site.activity_pub_profile }}" />

And the Actor for website verification.

  {%- if -%}
    <link rel="me" href="{{ | absolute_url }}" />
  {%- endif -%}