Using hooks, your plugin can exercise fine-grained control over various aspects of the build process. If your plugin defines any hooks, Jekyll will call them at pre-defined points. – Hooks

This plugin adds the following hook points:

Owner Event Triggered at
:actor :post_init After creating an Actor profile
:webfinger :post_init After creating a Webfinger
:activity :post_init After converting a post into an activity
:property_value :post_init After creating a property value
:image :post_init After creating an image attachment
:create :post_init After creating a create activity
:update :post_init After creating an update activity
:outbox :post_init After creating an outbox

Also, since most of these are also pages, you can hook on regular :pages events.


Add a custom property value to your profile

# _plugins/add_custom_property_value_to_profile.rb

Jekyll::Hooks.register :actor, :post_init do |actor|
  actor.data['attachment'] << Jekyll::ActivityPub::PropertyValue.new('Pronouns', 'he/him')