Activities are ActivityPub’s representation of the site’s posts on the Fediverse.

All activities are of type Note, but you can change them using Hooks.

Front matter

title, summary and description from the post front matter will be used as a summary attribute on the Activity.

A sensitive: true value will use those attributes as a content warning.

Posts with a sitemap: false or activity: false on their front matter (or added via plugin) are skipped from generation.

Unpublished posts are also ignored, either with published: false front matter or dated in the future.

The in_reply_to front matter can contain a URL to which the post is a reply of, to build threads.

created_at and last_modified_at may contain timestamps and are used to check if the activity needs to be broadcasted as updated. Their default values are the document date, so:

  • If both are missing, the activity is always Create even if its other values change, and another instance may or may not update them.

  • If created_at is missing, the activity will always be Updated because the default timestamp set by Jekyll is start of day.


There’s not much to do. This plugin will create an activity representation for every post on your site.


If you want to customize the activity, for instance changing its type, or changing attributes, you’ll find them on the site.pages collection.

See Hooks for more information.